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If you need a guestbook or comments on your website, you are at the right place.
GuestBook Script PHP is a script that is very easy for installation, administration and usage. It required PHP / MySQL.
Visitors to your website can leave comments, feedback or testimonials. You can use it for hotel, wedding, restaurant, property, music performer, business etc... websites.
Features of GuestBook Script PHP:
But stop reading, why don't you try GuestBook Script PHP on our demonstration page.
If needed, we can modify your GuestBook PHP script for a reasonable price.
FREE INSTALLATION - If you are having trouble with the installation and/or configuration, we will do it free for you. Just email us at
Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher and MySQL 3 or higher running on your webserver.
Current stable version of GuestBook Script PHP is 1.7 (June 10, 2013)